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Together, we are making a difference!


In Honduras, they celebrate Christmas with food and family. They get together as a family on Christmas Eve and the ladies cook all day to have the family eat together at midnight. Other than Jesus…what better gift to receive than the gift of food and family? This package will provide a family of 4 three meals a day for a month. That is 360 meals…and one of those meals being a special Christmas Meal.


This package will provide a child a bed with bedding, a Christmas Food Package, and a Bible.This is giving them a dry and comfortable place to sleep and feeding them food for their body and spirit. It doesn’t get much better than that.


$25 minimum and then in $25 increments with no maximum. Food packages come in $25 increments and should provide approximately 50 meals for a family. The children in the program get food regularly at the feeding centers, but some do not have food at home. We constantly battle with malnutrition issues. These packages are great benefit to their health and well-being.


Vitamins are a great investment into the nutritional strength of a child. Our teachers report that the children learn better and are more attentive when we can provide vitamins. It is an amazing investment into their health and future. $25 – will provide vitamins to a child for the entire year. $100 – will provide vitamins for an entire school for one month.


$25 (includes bath soap, shampoo, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste) – Can you imagine a life without these things? Can you imagine the health problems that we could prevent if everyone had these things regularly? This package should last a family about 3 months.


$25 for 2 good soccer balls = equals hours of physical activity and fun. Many children have told us when they receive a soccer ball of their own, it is a dream come true. We can also give these to schools for recess times. Great investment into the physical and mental health of a child.


If we can encourage children to learn, we help their self-esteem, their health, and their chance for a better future.

TREES - $50

Conserving the environment, making things more aesthetic, and inspiring young people to think about, and prepare for their future are the main objectives for this project. In Honduras, big companies have harvested trees for years without reforestation plans, and forest fires have also caused extensive damage. Once a fire starts, it pretty much has to burn out because of limited firefighting resources. We believe that we can make a difference!


We probably don’t even need to explain the benefits of clean water. Clean water prevents disease. They can drink it, cook with it, and wash with it. The World Health Organizations says that there an estimated 500,000 diarrheal deaths caused each year by contaminated water. We can change that!


$100 (one pair of shoes and two outfits) – It is fairly normal for children to only have one pair of shoes (which are their school shoes which we provide), and very little clothing.

BEDS - $100

A bed would seem to be a basic necessity of life, but regretfully, there are many Honduran people, both young and old, that do not have a bed. Some are sleeping on dirt floors. A nice bed can improve health and hygiene, while also helping with self-esteem.


Not just a toy! These bicycles serve as transportation back and forth from school and work. In rural areas, schools can be long walks in bad weather, or hitchhiking, which as you know can be dangerous. These bicycles are life changers! And, yes, they can also be fun for the smaller guys.


$1200 (full service) Water, hygiene, privacy……what are those things worth to you. We encounter teenage girls who have never had a private bath. In fact, we encounter grandmothers who have never had a bathroom.


$1200 (includes swing, seesaw, monkey bars, and a slide) This gift is large but it can change an entire community. The mental and physical health benefits are countless. Communities take pride in these because there so few options for children and families to just relax and have a good time.


Budget provided for specific houses based on size and dimensions for concrete floors. This project makes a home so much more healthy and clean. A high percentage of families still have dirt floors. Insects, unsanitary conditions, and health issues evolve out of these conditions. We can change that! Typically less than $300 dollars but it does depend on the size of the house. You will know your project details before you actually make a donation.


Budget provided based specific quotes for specific houses. Sometimes they need rafters and a complete roof. Sometimes, they need much less, only the pieces of tin. These projects keep houses dry, healthier, cleaner, and helps families feel good about where they live. As with floors, you will know your project details before you make your donation.