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All of our programs are to help protect against issues that are problems that drive immigration from Honduras to the USA. As people lose hope, they become desperate. We hope to use these projects to be able to alleviate concerns about housing, food insecurity, and lack of education. Hopefully, this will help the people to have hope, and some security in their own country.


As you may know, many people do not have access to adequate, and sanitary housing. For example, some have no home at all. Some have a home of some sort, but no water, dirt floors, and no bathroom. We want to give them a home that is both sufficient and sanitary. Sometimes we replace roofs, sometimes floors, or other simple repairs. However, sometimes we can actually build homes, or a bathroom if they have home. The bathroom allows for privacy and protects their dignity, especially for young ladies and includes a connection the local water supply if available. They can have privacy, dignity, and security without having to migrate to another country.

Food Insecurity 

Food insecurity is a huge concern for people in third world countries. It drastically impacts youth and elderly people so we try to focus them. We help families as well with food shortage but focus on the children and elderly first. Can you imagine not having food for your children, or grandchildren? What if a grandparent was dying due to lack of food? That is a reality for many mothers in Honduras. Many of them told us that the food we provide normally, and after natural disasters, and other tragedies was their only source of food after the hurricanes that hit in late 2020. Again, without food security, or daily food for your family, people get desperate to look for another place to go, and immigration, whether legal or illegal, is a great temptation.


Without access to education, people tend not have a hope in a long term, and successful future. We can help with that. We can build schools, classrooms, or kindergartens to enhance the opportunities. We can help sponsor kids all the way through their college education. We can supply school supplies for students and classrooms. We can do technology projects, provide computers, start tutoring programs, and encourage our kids to continue their education. Poverty cannot be addressed without better education. The threat of not having opportunities to improve and sustain their lives in their community is yet another reason for people to desire to migrate. Some of our programs are to simply provide basic needs, but with better education, our idea is to encourage more hope for a truly better future.